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The Benefits of Working with a Small Cyber Security Team

Cyber and Information Security is a highly specialised practice that requires the expertise of a trusted partner, but for many organisations it can be a challenge to identify suitable partners, understand what services are required to meet their requirement, and how they align to the organisations requirements. A recent example of this is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR represented a challenge for many organisations, but identifying a service to support the organisation was a larger challenge. Many of the large service providers claimed that they had the answer to the GDPR, and with a click of a button you could become fully compliant. However, the completely differing service provisions on offer from these providers raises the question of what the correct approach is, and does it really meet the requirements of the organisation?

Lack of clarity of service offering is not the only challenge organisations face when selecting a partner, many of the large mainstream service providers offer ‘out the box’ solutions that supposedly meet an organisation’s security requirement. However, these solutions forget the delicate intricacies of an organisation’s network and assume that all organisations have the same setup. As such, these providers often choose to forget outlying elements, or recommend organisations change their setup to meet the service they wish to provide, irrelevant of how important these elements are to the underlying organisational requirements.

This is not an exhaustive list of issues facing the modern organisation, but demonstrate the challenge facing them when selecting a cyber security partner. However, many organisations are overcoming this challenge by selecting boutique-style cyber security partners. These partners are often smaller than the mainstream, and as such, are able to provide the following benefits:

A Personal Touch

When working with large partners, most organisations expect to have multiple points of contact and to never build a relationship with an individual or team. Whilst this is accepted, this lack of relationship often means that the organisations’ requirements are never truly understood.

By engaging with a smaller boutique service provider, organisations receive the benefit of a personalised relationship. This relationship means the providers invest their time in understanding the requirements of each organisation they deal with, as they recognise the importance of each customer. Further to this, a personalised relationship means the staff within the service provider are able to deliver a customer-aligned service as a result of building a deep personal understanding of the organisation’s infrastructure and processes.

Flexibility and Innovation

Boutique partners are more nimble than larger partners and are better able to adapt as threat actor approaches change. Because a boutique partner has a closer relationship with its customers, it is in a better position to receive feedback and observe changing preferences. A boutique business is more capable of modifying the way they operate to meet a particular set of organisational requirements and rapidly innovate to meet changing organisational requirements. The upshot is that the solution or service they provide will be specific, suitable, and unique.

Ultimately, both the service provider and organisation want to ensure that organisations, customers and stakeholders can have full confidence in the security of their sensitive data.

As a specialist security services organisation with an extensive track record in providing Cyber Security Consultancy, Penetration Testing services, and fully-managed Cyber Security services, Falanx are ideally suited as a strategic Information and Cyber Security partner.

Our approach is client-focused and agile, designed to deliver and implement Cyber Security solutions to improve an organisation’s security posture. We assist in preventing data loss, minimising the risk of reputational damage and helping to increase the confidence of stakeholders in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information and assets.

Find out how Falanx Cyber’s fully-managed detection and response platform, MidGARD can help bolster your organisation’s cyber security posture.

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