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Working with a CHECK Accredited Penetration Testing Provider

Falanx Cyber is accredited to CHECK status with a green label from the NCSC – meaning we meet all the contractual requirements to undertake CHECK work.

What is CHECK?

CHECK is an umbrella term by the NCSC to describe companies providing penetration testing services and methodologies with staff that hold NCSC approved qualifications and security experience.

What companies are most likely to use CHECK accredited services?

Public sector organisations, government departments and organisations that form the UK’s critical national infrastructure (CNI).

Any data on a company’s network marked OFFICAL should be tested by a CHECK accredited penetration test provider. Any network with data marked SECRET or above should discuss requirements with the NCSC.

Greater assurance for all businesses

By choosing a CHECK accredited penetration testing provider you’ll benefit from:

  • The highest standards of delivery and reporting as the provider has been assessed by the NCSC.
  • Greater assurance against loss – NCSC place stringent requirements around storage and the handling of data.
  • Trusted testers – penetration testers working under CHECK must hold SC clearance as a minimum
  • Penetration testers must meet strict qualification requirements and all qualifications require re-testing so companies can be confident that their penetration testers have the latest techniques and knowledge.

Why Falanx Cyber?

Our CHECK accreditation, meaning greater assurance around the quality of testing and the quality of reporting, coupled with our friendly, customer-focused service designed to support your specific business needs – means you’ll be working with a provider with the highest standards of delivery and reporting to uncover critical vulnerabilities, address and prioritise risk.

Read what our clients say about our penetration testing services.

Our client-focused approach to testing

Before we carry out any penetration testing engagement we’ll work closely with your teams to understand your systems thoroughly before we start the test. We invest time forging individual relationships, getting to know you and your team, learning the intricacies of the technical systems you manage. Read more about our 5 step engagement process. This personal touch approach is the reason why so many clients continue to work with us.

Further reading on CHECK accredited providers:

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