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Why Your Organisation Needs To Carry Out A Red Teaming Exercise

Keeping up with the latest motivations and methods of hackers is an ongoing challenge for any organisation. There are a number of reasons your organisation could be targeted; from cyber criminals attempting to obtain the sensitive information you hold about employees and customers, to competitors attempting to disrupt your organisation and glean confidential information that could benefit them.

It’s important to know why your organisation may be targeted and where your weaknesses lie, in order to protect against cyber-attacks. Carrying out a Red Teaming exercise is an important step in achieving this.

Red Teaming is a targeted and objective-led exercise that is designed to identify weaknesses in your organisation’s cyber and physical defences. Red Teamers play cyber criminals at their own game, simulating real-world criminal attacks based on scenarios tailored to your organisation.

Red Teaming tests the resilience of your organisation, assesses your ability to prevent a hack, and whether you have the ability to detect a hack and respond appropriately if an attack did occur.


The Red Teaming Benefits Breakdown

Remain competitive

Carrying out a Red Teaming exercise gives you the edge over your competitors. You will have valuable knowledge and understanding to keep your organisation safe from cyber-attacks, which others in your industry may not

Improved decision-making

Understanding the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by cyber attackers enables you to make improved decisions regarding security and ensure that your security budget is spent in the most effective manner

Know the threats to your organisation

Gain a full understanding of the most likely attackers that will target your organisation, their methods and motivations, and the assets they will target

Be confident in your cyber resilience

Red Teaming gives you surety that your cyber and physical defences are capable of preventing, detecting, and responding to the types of attacks you may face

Identify and improve your weaknesses

Identify any gaps in your processes and procedures in order to improve them and keep your organisation safe

Improve employee awareness

A Red Teaming exercise helps to drive an increase in security awareness throughout an organisation, starting with the board and cascading the training down


Want to find out more about how Red Teaming can benefit your organisation? Download our free guide here.

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