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Find out your cyber exposure score with f:CEL.

Assess your digital risk, external IP risk and organisational risk.

Share findings with board members.

Get recommendations to improve your score.

What is f:CEL?

f:CEL (Falanx Cyber exposure level) simulates the multi-view reconnaissance techniques used by real cybercriminal groups when they are choosing a target to attack.

It combines:
1) security scans of your website and internet-connected computers,
2) dark web searches for breached passwords and
3) a unique self-assessment questionnaire that asks key questions about your approach to cyber security.

Allowing us to provide you with a tailored security score that quantifies your risk of being targeted by a cyber attack.

Find out your score, the vulnerabilities that were discovered and our recommendations for how to fix them to improve your score and your security posture.

Digital Risk Assessment

How secure is your website, and is there information on the Dark Web that could be used to target you?

External IP Risk Assessment

How secure are your public-facing servers?

Organisational Risk Assessment

How much do you do operationally to minimise your risk of attack?

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