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Upcoming Webinar: How can organisations protect against state-sponsored cyberattacks?

Together with our sister company Falanx Assynt we will discuss how organisations, particularly business with a global footprint, can protect themselves against the growing risk of state-sponsored cyberattacks.

We will set out the current strategies employed by state actors regarding cyberespionage and offensive operations. The discussion will also consider how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted these strategies, and emerging trends to consider for the future.

Join us as we illustrate the main types of attacks that are carried out highlight the flaws within many organisations’ security systems that enable such attacks to be successful. You will also be provided with actionable steps that you can implement to help improve your cybersecurity systems and processes to better mitigate the major risks posed.

Our speakers include:

Nat Guillou is the Assistant Director of Geopolitical Intelligence at Falanx Assynt, a global risk intelligence and strategic advisory provider headquartered in London. Nat’s main focus is on the MENA region, but he also regularly provides clients insight on emerging markets worldwide.

Rob Shapland is the Head of Innovation at Falanx Cyber a cybersecurity company based in Reading, Berkshire. Rob is an ethical hacker and industry commentator, specialising in simulating advanced cyber attacks.

Event details:

Join us on Thu 22 April 2021 at 2PM for more insights and to ask questions during the live webinar.

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