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Falanx Cyber’s Triarii for Sentinel Managed Detection and Response Service

Building upon our established Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service, Triarii, Falanx Cyber is pleased to launch its Microsoft Azure-native MDR service utilising Azure Sentinel. Triarii for Sentinel is designed to work seamlessly for organisations that utilise Microsoft cloud services.

Triarii for Sentinel fully manages the SIEM, EDR and SOAR capabilities of Microsoft on your behalf, on a 24×7 basis, and is delivered from our UK-based SOC, staffed by our own expert analysts.

As with all our Triarii service variants, Triarii for Sentinel service detects, triages, alerts and provides clients with around-the-clock immediate, proactive, response. We investigate suspected security incidents on your behalf and, wherever necessary, take immediate action to effectively remediate through Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and SOAR playbooks.

Why Our Triarii for Sentinel MDR Service is Right for You

Azure Sentinel is Cloud-native, so integration with Microsoft components is seamless.  Whilst all our Triarii MDR services are designed to integrate with a broad range of infrastructure, utilising Triarii for Sentinel may be advantageous for you if:

  • you want to retain data in your own environment
  • you utilise the existing Microsoft security suite that you may have licensed
  • you want to align your security tools with a world leading provider releasing constant feature upgrades.

If your organisation has opted for the simplicity of consolidating to Microsoft, or you have a broad uptake of Microsoft security tools in your organisation, from Defender, to MCAS and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), our Azure-hosted MDR service, Triarii for Sentinel is right for you.

At the heart of our service our SOC provides the threat intelligence, processes, people and outputs to ensure that your environment is monitored 24×7. In addition, our service allows for external devices or services to be ingested, so full coverage of your estate is delivered from the Falanx Cyber SOC, trusted by UK government and worldwide commercial clients.

The Triarii for Sentinel service utilises Azure Sentinel; Microsoft’s Cloud-native SIEM, Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR), and Defender Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as a unified security platform. This platform provides scalable learning algorithms that correlate anomalous activities into high fidelity detections of anomalous activity and detections of multistage attacks. The Falanx Cyber Detection in Depth methodology further enhances the leading edge Microsoft security suite with our Dark Web Monitoring, External IP address monitoring and Suspicious Email Triage, amongst other capabilities.

All this provides our SOC analysts with security analytics and an overarching view of cyber security data to provide early identification of threats, attacks and meaningful actionable insights, alerts, and interventions to organisations day in day out.

A Rapidly-Deployed Azure Sentinel MDR Service

Our new Triarii for Sentinel service supports organisations with their cloud digital transformation initiatives, whilst providing a proactive approach to security with a rapidly-deployed MDR solution.

Constantly developing, news-worthy, cyber-threats clearly show that it truly is not a question of if but when a cyber-attack will take place. By deploying Falanx Cyber’s Triarii MDR solutions you will secure your sensitive data assets and gain the visibility and support needed to defend against ever-evolving threats.

For further reading and to see a full features list click here:  Triarii for Sentinel

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