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Small businesses are targets, forget the headlines

The cyberattacks that make the headlines are often large household names. Forget what the headlines tell you. Cyberattacks aren’t just reserved for the corporates – no business is safe and small businesses are especially vulnerable.

The government’s 2022 Cyber Security Breaches Survey notes that 39% of small businesses have discovered at least one breach in the past year.

Ask yourself, what does my client data mean to me? Not what it means to a hacker. Cybercriminals know valuable your data is to YOU so they steal your data and demand a ransom payment in return for not publicly releasing it.  In order to stop cybercriminals from being able to conduct ransomware attacks, you need to be able to monitor for and detect intrusion early then take immediate action.

But what would a hacker want with my data?

Leave cyber security to the experts while you concentrate on running your business

Running a small business is hard work and employees often take on multiple roles or ‘hats’. But when it comes to cyber security, you can leave that to the experts.

Our security-cleared, cyber security analysts work from our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Reading detecting and responding to cyberattacks around the clock.

We’ve selected some of our best SOC services and packaged them together to give you, the small business owner, fully-managed cyber security at an affordable price point.

Why Falanx Cyber?

UK-based SOC

We have a physical SOC based in our Reading HQ.


We don’t just use AI. Our team of analysts detect and respond to threats around the clock

Security cleared analysts

ALL our analysts are highly trained and are on hand to speak directly to clients.

Triple ISO-certified

We are the first SOC in the UK to be triple certified.

SOC services tailored for Small Businesses

For companies with 11-50 employees

We’ve put together a package of managed endpoint protection and
vulnerability scanning to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

What’s included:

Immediate alerting of any suspicious activity

Any time, day or night, weekday, weekend or bank holiday, we will let you know if and when we see suspicious activity.

Endpoint vulnerability scanning

Discover vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications installed on your monitored endpoints.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Daily scanning and alerting for up to 5 of your external IP’s.

Weekly automated reporting

Summary reporting of the incidents raised and dealt with over the prior period at both a business and technical level.

Ransomware protection

Detection of ransomware on all your endpoints.

Endpoint detection & response

Protect your endpoints against a variety of attacks through enhanced monitoring at the device level to spot intrusion earlier and, if appropriate, isolate the device until further investigation reveals next steps remedial action.

Isolation of rogue device or alert

Upon alert we can isolate the suspicious devices or service(s) on your behalf, in real-time.

The small business SOC for £12.50 per user, per month.

For companies between 11-50 employees. Minimum 12 month contract.

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