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Rob Shapland speaking at International Cyber Security Expo 2022

Catch Rob Shapland our very own head of innovation and ethical hacker at this years International Cyber Security Expo.

Where: Kensington Olympia, London.
When: 28th September, 2022
Session Time: 11.30am

Rob will be presenting: How to Steal a Vaccine 

The importance of vaccines in the age of Covid-19 cannot be underestimated. This session will describe how the speaker planned and executed a cyber attack on a pharmaceutical company in order to steal a vaccine, combining technical cyber attacks with phishing and physical intrusion of their headquarters in order to successfully extract the vaccine design without detection.

  • Understand the process cyber criminals use to plan and execute attacks
  • Understand the importance of social media to cyber criminals in researching their targets
  • Understand how a combination of technical cyber attacks and social engineering techniques allows cyber criminals to breach even well-defended companies
  • Understand the most effective defensive steps organisations can take to detect and prevent advanced cyber attacks.

Find out more about the event and register for your ticket here

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