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Rob Shapland speaking at Governance in the Digital Age Conference

Rob Shapland is Speaking at the ISCA Governance in the Digital Age Conference

Governance in the Digital Age Conference is aims to push data up higher on the board agenda. With Gartner now citing in a report published in 2019, by 2022 it’s expected that as many as 90% of corporate strategies will recognise their data as a critical business asset.

Rob Shapland, Head of Cyber Professional Services and Ethical Hacker will speak at the event on the 28th February. Rob’s session will include tales ‘from a professional hacker’:

  • Find out how criminals use social media to plan attacks
  • How the speaker uses disguises and social engineering to gain physical access
  • How as an ethical hacker he executes full-scale criminal attack simulation
  • Find out how to help protect your firm from a data breach

More about Governance in the Digital Age Conference and how to register can be found at 


About Rob Shapland

Rob Shapland is an ethical hacker with 12 years’ experience attacking the defences of hundreds of organisations, from small businesses to major international organisations.

His specialism is ‘red teaming’, or full simulation of criminal attacks, combining his hacking knowledge with his other hobby of dressing up and breaking into buildings. He uses stories of these intrusions to deliver engaging and exciting cyber security training courses to companies all over the world.

He is also a regular speaker at events and conferences around Europe, and appears on both BBC and ITV as a cyber security adviser.


About Falanx Cyber

Falanx Cyber puts enterprise-class cyber security services within reach of every organisation. We identify areas of cyber risk threatening the integrity of your business and provide complete end-to-end managed cyber security services to alleviate those risks. Combining proactive managed detection and response services with penetration testing, incident response and consultancy.


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