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Why you need a ransomware simulation service

Test your incident response procedures

Provide assurance to stakeholders

Receive essential guidance to address risks

Test your current ransomware response plan and prioritise and address risks in this tabletop ransomware simulation.

You’ve got your incident response plan in place but do you know how well it would perform in a real-world ransomware scenario?

Discover how a tabletop ransomware simulation exercise can test your incident response plan and highlight areas of weaknesses in your organisation.

This tailored service offers a hands-on experience led by our consultants that mirrors a real-world ransomware attack.

You’ll be guided through a series of interactive exercises, scenarios and roundtable discussions with our consultant working with you as they unfold to steer discussions. This engaging approach allows your team to evaluate your breach plan and receive vital guidance to prioritise and address risk.

Prepare your team for any encounter with confidence, providing stakeholders with the assurance that protection against threats is your utmost priority.

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