Web application testing identifies flaws or security issues that may allow for your website or web applications to be hacked, putting sensitive data at risk. From internet technologies, mobile applications, APIs and everything in between, Falanx Cyber can provide you with extensive testing on all of your application types to resolve the following questions:

  • Are your web servers vulnerable to attack?
  • Could an attacker obtain credit card or other information from your back-end server?
  • Could your web server be used as an entrance point to get deeper into your network?
  • Is your website vulnerable to crosssite scripting or SQL injection?

Falanx’s web application penetration testing services are conducted by skilled professionals using the latest tools, best practice and our own proprietary testing techniques. Web application testing can provide your organisation with the assurance that:

  • New web applications have no major  security issues.
  • Your products have been reviewed independently.
  • Your networks and assets are fully compliant.
  • Previous issues that may have resulted in a security breach have been investigated and resolved.