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Falanx Cyber

penetration testing services

Penetration tests are simulated attacks carried out by our testing team. They employ the same techniques that attackers use to reveal if your systems or applications can withstand hostile attacks and whether discovered vulnerabilities can lead to further intrusion and exploitation.

Uncover critical vulnerabilities in your organisation.

Enable you to prioritise and address risks through detailed reports.

Assisting in meeting industry and regulatory compliance.

Our penetration testing services

Vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability penetration testing assessments provide your systems with non-intrusive, automated and regular tests to identify security loopholes in your systems and networks, rather than specific attack scenarios. These vulnerabilities are then measured on a scale of severity.

Social engineering

Our social engineering services focus on highlighting the risks posed by the human element of your organisation. Since unaware staff can give away important information without realising, our testing can help you assess if your employees might be a security risk.

External infrastructure penetration testing

Infrastructure penetration testing evaluates how secure your external perimeter is from cyber-attacks. This test will also identify hosts which may require additional testing, such as web applications.

Web application testing

Web application testing identifies flaws or security issues that may allow for your website or web applications to be hacked, putting sensitive data at risk. From internet technologies, mobile applications, APIs and everything in between, we can provide you with extensive testing on all of your application types.

Internal and wireless network testing

An internal network penetration test simulates an attacker who has gained access to the network by breaching the organisation’s technical or physical perimeter, or a malicious insider who has legitimate network access. The test will assess the difficulty with which an attacker can escalate their privileges, with a goal of proving access to sensitive and confidential data on the network.

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