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Why choose a Managed EDR Service?

Combining market-leading EDR technology with Falanx Cyber analysts to hunt and remediate threats.

Significantly faster investigation and response.

Protect user devices against multiple threat vectors.

Protecting your endpoints

Protect your endpoints against a variety of attacks through enhanced monitoring at the device level to spot intrusion earlier and, if appropriate, isolate the device whilst further investigation reveals next steps remedial action.

Our M-EDR security monitoring service combines market-leading EDR technology with teams of highly trained Falanx Cyber analysts who actively hunt, investigate, and remediate threats from our UK security operations centre (SOC).

Did you know EDR is also available as part of our Managed Detection and Response service?

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Rapid investigation and immediate intervention

Our endpoint protection platform includes trade craft protection techniques that cover the MITRE ATT&CK™ Matrix, enabling us to stop targeted attacks at any stage before damage and loss occur.

These points combined drive the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) down to a couple of seconds. That, in turn, significantly reduces the cost, time, and effort in dealing with any cyber-attack.

With average dwell times in excess of 90 days, long-term data retention is key. All data is streamed to Falanx Cyber’s backend SOC infrastructure, where it is retained for up to 1 year for future analysis.

"We selected Falanx’s managed endpoint and detection service as the right option for us and Falanx worked closely with our external IT providers to facilitate a smooth onboarding process. The ongoing service has been excellent with fast responses to queries and good detection of anomalies on our network and infrastructure."

– Matt Enright, Chief Financial Officer, OTAQ

Standard features included in our
M-EDR service

Endpoint protection, security operations, and threat hunting programmes powered by the speed, scalability, and power of Falanx Cyber, Endgame and Elastic.

Instant action

Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your infrastructure is being constantly monitored and, in the event of suspicious activity, action will be taken to isolate the offending item before it can do harm.

Online & offline

Whether staff are on or offline, in the office or working remotely, their endpoints are constantly protected.

Simple, lightweight, yet powerful

Our lightweight agent consumes minimal system resources, typically less than 1%, whilst offering next-generation cyber protection.

24x7x365 Service

Protection any time, day or night, including weekends and bank holidays. Clients can rest easy when away from work, safe in the knowledge that if anything happens, we are watching from our UK SOC.

Prevent to protect

We look for signs of intrusion and prevent malicious code from being executed, protecting you from zero-day attacks.

Defence against APT attackers

Our M-EDR solution has been independently evaluated against the tactics, techniques, and procedures of two major Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaigns.

Full feature list

Our service

Alerting any time, day or night, including weekends and bank holidays.

React immediately to mitigate and minimise the risk and costs associated with a potential breach.

Summary reporting of the incidents raised and dealt with over the prior period at both a business and technical level.

Whatever your budget and needs, Falanx Cyber has a solution for you that you can afford.

Reduce mean time to respond and, consequently, reduce risk of a breach through immediate intervention.

Our service is built upon components that are validated by Gartner, Forrester and MITRE.

Our toolset

Protect your devices against all kinds of attack from traditional sources and threat actors.

Prevention is the best solution – leverage Machine Learning to identify rogue attachments earlier and avoid opening the file.

Block attempts to exploit vulnerabilities — even zero-day vulnerabilities and kernel exploits designed to elevate privileges — before any malicious code can execute.

As threat actors use more sophisticated, file-less attacks it is important to spot them before they execute.

Complements rule-based alerts in SIEM to provide speedy, enriched alerting from multiple sources.

Hunt for threats with a rapid succession of ad-hoc queries. Drill into and pivot through underlying data at will. And do it all with the technology fast enough for the sharpest analysts.

Implement authentication and network traffic encryption. Create user roles and implement index- and cluster-level permissions. Manage access to Kibana saved objects like dashboards.

With average dwell times in excess of 90 days, long-term data retention is key. Elastic scales as big as you need, stores data for as long as you want, and makes searching through it simple and fast.