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What are the benefits of MDR?

Identify and eradicate the real security issues threatening the integrity of your organisation.

Reduce the time to respond to a security breach or attack.

Our Detection in Depth approach leverages multiple protective and analytical capabilities to provide a multi-layered defensive security posture.

Raise the bar on MDR

The attacks of yesterday are no indication of the attacks of tomorrow. It’s time to raise the bar on MDR.

Our fully-managed MDR service, Triarii, discovers and proactively responds to cyber threats in real-time, delivering a defence that is just as adaptive as the threats are.

Combining security information and event management (SIEM), network detection and response, and endpoint detection and response (EDR). Triarii analyses your entire environment, including Cloud networks, servers, firewalls, and end-points for indication of targeted attacks, helping you protect your data.

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Reducing the time to respond

Our fully-managed MDR service, Triarii can help reduce the mean time to detect (MTTD) and respond (MTTR) to an incident.

Reducing the time taken to detect and respond to an incident is a significant factor in reducing the time, effort and cost involved with a security incident.

Put simply, the sooner an incident can be detected and dealt with, the easier and cheaper it is to ensure the business continues to operate.

Triarii has been designed to reduce MTTR. With features such as Detection in Depth, Security Configuration Analysis, Suspicious Email Analysis, Endpoint Detection & Response we can act on suspicious activity within seconds and take immediate action by terminating processes or isolating machines.

Identify and eradicate real security issues

We continuously analyse your entire environment including, Cloud, network, servers, firewalls, and endpoints, for indications of targeted attacks – 24x7x365. Triarii rapidly evaluates severity and impact and we can take appropriate action on your behalf, so you can rest easy.

By using Triarii you can prevent breaches, reduce cyber risk, support compliance, and help address the stringent breach detection and reporting requirements required by The Security of Network & Information Systems Regulations (NIS Regulations), the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and GPG-13.

Our Detection in Depth approach

Our philosophy is achieved by leveraging multiple protective and analytical capabilities to provide a multi-layered defensive security posture, protecting staff. The service combines capabilities such as EDR, SIEM, Security Configuration Assessment, Suspicious Email Triage and External IP Monitoring as standard.

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Our service

Our MDR service, Triarii comes with all the tools needed to keep your systems and environment safe from cyber-threats. Triarii for Sentinel is available for organisations making substantial use of Microsoft Azure.


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Triarii for Sentinel

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