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Latest News: KP Snacks Ransomware Attack

What has happened?
On Wednesday, the company KP Snacks who manufacture well-loved British crisps, sweets and nut-based snack brands, such as Hulu Hoops, Skips, Tyrell’s and McCoy’s revealed its networks had been compromised with ransomware after an initial investigation of an “IT outage” on Jan. 28.

How has it affected the business?
The company has stopped taking orders and has apologized for disruptions, which some are concerned could lead to a wider shortage.

What can happen?
BBC News reported that cyber-criminals have published on the dark net what appear to be personal documents from KP Snacks staff, featuring the company letterhead. The post threatened to publish more data unless a ransom was paid.

How Can You Avoid Falling Victim to Ransomware Attacks?

Along with everyone else, we have watched these organisations become the victims of ransomware attacks, knowing that they must be using anti-virus software and that it didn’t stop the attack. We have therefore made sure that we offer services that actually protect against ransomware attacks such as that suffered by KP Snacks. Our solution is our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service (M-EDR), which you can think of as a more advanced version of anti-virus that, alongside your existing anti-virus, works to protect and defend you against these more sophisticated threats. The Managed part is key – we have a 24/7 Security Operations Centre that is working on your behalf, collecting information from your laptops and other devices in real time, allowing our analysts to block anything that may cause damage to data on the device, such as ransomware. We combine leading-edge technology with our highly skilled analysts to provide that enhanced level of protection.

We believe our M-EDR service should be within the reach of all organisations, large or small, so our M-EDR service is much more affordable than you’d think. And if you’d like to take your cyber security even further, we have our flagship MDR service – Triarii, that extends our protection across your entire network and cloud.

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