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Why do you need our incident response service?

Fast incident response to minimise the impact of a security breach.

Mitigate economic, public relations, and legal or regulatory risks.

Get back up and running after the incident faster.

Here to help when you need it the most 24x7x365

Suffering a cybersecurity breach is inevitable in today’s landscape, but what’s more important is how you respond to it. It can be a nightmare to devise a containment plan, fix the problem, recover systems and maintain business continuity. Then, there’s also the need to simultaneously limit damage through communication and reporting.

In short, responding to a breach can be a daunting prospect.

This is where we can help. You can get vital help managing and responding to high-consequence incidents when you need it most. Our experts will do the work for you. They will determine the best recovery strategy and support you with communication and reporting to minimise the impact a breach has on your business.

Do you require immediate incident response? Call our security analyst team!

Call for immediate incident response on 02039978647

Questions about Incident Response

Falanx Cyber will investigate a suspected incident and provide remediation advice for your business, including how to effectively disclose a breach to your customers with minimal reputational damage.

Falanx Cyber will produce a timeline of events that will provide insight into the attack, all of which will support the conclusions drawn about the suspected activities of an attacker.

Falanx Cyber will always prioritise incident response activities due to the time-sensitive nature of these activities, for all our customers, both existing and new.

We’ll support your business in preventing similar attacks from occurring, firstly taking a preventative approach with penetration testing and security assessments and secondly via our protective managed detection and response (MDR) service.

Falanx Cyber will provide advice and support in preventing incidents from occurring in the future, including how to optimally respond should an event occur again.

The ability to recover lost data depends heavily on the original issue. If data recovery is a priority please mention this during the initial consultation.