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How well is your cybersecurity being managed

Actively and effectively managed, that is.

The UK cybersecurity industry is short by c.14,100 workers according to the UK Government’s most recent cyber skills report. As the need for cybersecurity talent grows, demands for wages and other benefits will also escalate. Reports from industry leaders show that cybersecurity wages are growing each year, with a 2021 report from Dice noting that salaries have jumped by more than 16% to well over the six-figure mark.

This ever-increasing talent gap comes at a time when the number of attacks companies face each year is also growing. Nearly 70% of cybersecurity workers feel their organisation doesn’t have enough staff to be effective and more than half see their company as being at moderate or extreme risk of a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity talent, then, is thin on the ground and extremely expensive – yet the ever-present threats to organisations continues to increase.

Which leads to the question – how well is your cybersecurity being managed?

Actively and effectively managed, that is.

For instance, how are you set up to respond to an attack that happens at 3 a.m.? Or, should your team of internal experts be unavailable – at lunch, on holidays, off sick – who has the knowledge and skills to respond quickly?


Cybersecurity attacks can happen any time

That’s why our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service operates 24/7. It provides you with the ultimate in continuous cybersecurity protection from a team of UK security-cleared analysts. And it costs significantly less than the cost of trying to hire and retain professionals who are increasingly thin on the ground.

Equipped with the latest tech, our Security Operations Centre investigates and prioritises risks, and uses proactive hunting to discover existing threats or weaknesses to your network, including identifying threats from your third-party network.

MDR does not sleep, or take days off, or lunch breaks. It gives you 24/7 monitoring and response to threats across your entire environment and endpoints by rapidly identifying and obtaining clarity about any security issues that threaten the integrity of your organisation.

Going beyond traditional techniques, which only analyse your network and device endpoints, MDR also analyses your servers, apps and cloud services.

Critically, it provides you with a cost-effective and fully-managed MDR service that works as an extension of your own IT team, freeing up time and resources to work in other strategic areas.

As one large manufacturing organisation recently commented:

“I could see in the daily reports that everything was being covered by Falanx. I know that someone is checking other than me when there is an anomaly, I could then move away from checking the alerts myself and trust that the Falanx analysts instinctively knew when something potentially isn’t right”.

– Jon Ormston, Group Head of IT, Inspecs Group Plc.

To find out more about how Falanx Cyber can manage, respond to and eliminate threats to your network call our team on 020 7856 9450 or

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