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What do you get when you work with us?

A detailed process leading up to the service for a clearer project scope.

Experienced experts working to protect your company’s environment.

Ongoing detection and response to cybersecurity threats.

Working as an extension of your team

We know that cyber threats are constantly evolving and that businesses need to adapt along with them. Since the threats to your environment are unique to you and the technologies you use, we liaise with you to assess your requirements.

We provide a comprehensive overview and deep-dive process to understand all your needs, ensuring a clear line of communication. As a result, once we start the detect and respond service, you can be sure all your bases are covered.

Do you want to learn more about how our managed detection and response service could keep your organisation safe from targeted cyber attacks?

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Our process for direct customers

Introductory call

When you approach us for our services, we first get an overview of what you need. In the introductory call, we assess the suitability and your requirements and create a plan of action for you.

Technical specs

Once we have a plan, we exchange information with you. Our team will share the service definition with you, including the details of how we will accomplish the results we’ve committed to delivering. We will also ask you for detailed network topology, namely the devices you have and other requirements.

Deep dive call

Once we have a complete understanding of your ecosystem, we have a deep dive call with you. In this call, we provide you with further technical information. We will also assist you in determining the scope of service and ability to ingest from infrastructure, whether on the premises or cloud-based, IaaS cloud services, and SaaS services.

Handover to delivery

We will arrange a kick off call to introduce you to your dedicated service delivery manager, who will then take over the delivery of service. We have a normal on-boarding process after which we can start monitoring your networks and systems for any cybersecurity threats and attacks.

Our process for partners


As our partner, before you can sell our managed detection and response product to customers, we ensure a detailed training process so you understand our services and the sales process.


If you have a customer interested in our service, we start with an introductory call. As with direct customers, the call helps us understand the needs of the organisation so we can design the service to align with their needs.

Technical specs

To get a better understanding of the customer’s infrastructure, and to explain how we will provide the service, we share information. This includes our plan of services and getting the client’s network topology and device specifications.

Deep dive call

As with our direct customers, we have a detailed technical conversation with your clients to get a deeper understanding of the scope of the project. This allows the client to understand how our services will work while we get a clearer picture of the client infrastructure.

Proposal & handover

Since this opportunity comes through you, our partner, we rely on you to provide the proposal based on the scope of the project. Once the proposal has been accepted, we will introduce the client to their service delivery manager and begin the on-boarding process.