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How resilient is your business against cyber threats?

Be cyber ready with a security assessment

Our security assessment service evaluates your current security maturity and ability to respond and recover from cyber attacks.

We use the 5 pillars of cyber resilience as a framework:

  1. Prepare / Identify – Understand your organisation’s security and risk posture and benchmark against peers
  2. Protect – Implementing safeguards to limit or contain the impact of an attack or breach.
  3. Detect – Rapidly identify an attack or a breach, assess the affected systems and ensure a timely response.
  4. Respond – Accelerate remediation and contain the impact of an attack.
  5. Recover – Developing systems and plans to restore data and services after an attack.

Let one of our ethical hackers guide you though the framework and at the end you’ll receive a full report that provides details of weaknesses in your cyber security and recommended mitigations.

How do you fair against the 5 pillars of cyber resilience?

Find out with our security assessment, contact us today or chat with us.

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