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Facilitating compliance and winning enterprise customers with security assessments.



HooYu are pioneers in the people investigation and ID verification markets. Having pioneered online people search more than 20 years ago with and 192business, HooYu has gone on to build HooYu Identify and HooYu Investigate to verify customer identity or to investigate people, places and businesses. Their platforms are used by banks, government departments, online gambling operators, sharing economy marketplaces, online retailers and countless other kinds of organisations.

Terry Parsons is the CTO and CISO of HooYu and manages the companies technical resources and information security.


INDUSTRY: Technology (Online Security Verification)
ABOUT: HooYu specialises in global identification, verification and investigation technology LOCATION: London, UK
SERVICES: Penetration Testing & ISO 27001 Gap Analysis


Growth in technology, capability, and high profile customers meant that HooYu was looking for a partner to assist them in proving confidence in their information technology, compliance, and IT security. Parsons’ team were managing security audits in house as well looking to certify for ISO 27001. Terry Parsons also recognised the need for some additional penetration testing on a regular basis.

We passed certification on the first attempt with zero non-conformities.

Terry Parsons, CTO and CISO


Today HooYu is as innovative as ever and trusted by well-known, household name brands. Parsons’ team is more productive than ever by using a specialist partner in Falanx Cyber. And the business benefitted greatly with improved information security followed by successful ISO 27001 certification which was instrumental in winning HooYu larger customers.

Other benefits to clients include:

  • Protecting internal & external infrastructure to mitigate common hacking techniques.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities on networks Reviewing, maintaining, and improving information security.
  • Identifying security risks associated with organisation to improve controls.
  • Educating teams on the gaps in current compliance.
  • Expert team, with security members attaining industry recognised certifications such as OSCP, CRT, CCT, SANS.

We have found Falanx to be very professional, technically competent, cost effective and great to work with.

Terry Parsons, CTO and CISO


After reviewing a number of market-leading providers who offer security assurance and testing services, Falanx Cyber was chosen. Parsons felt there was a close match in terms of competence, cost-effectiveness, and operational chemistry. Falanx Cyber was asked to perform an annual penetration test and security audit plus ISO 27001 gap analysis.

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