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How we hacked smart tech on Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

Our own head of professional services, Rob Shapland, joined comedian Joe Lycett on his Channel 4 consumer rights show Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back to hack smart tech.

If you missed it, Joe and Rob infiltrated smart tech in a house where ex-footballer Chris Kamara and comedian Mark Silcox were waiting, hacking the home wi-fi, smart tv and even the kettle.

So, how was it done?

Although the VT was a bit of fun with Joe, there’s a serious message behind it.

The hacking shown in the programme was accomplished because:

  • The Wifi network was protected by WPA2 encryption, but was using a weak password that was easily guessed.
    Tip: Always use a password of 12 characters or more for your wireless router, preferably longer and with numbers and symbols.
  • The Amazon account that controlled the Alexa also had a weak password.
    Tip: Make sure you use a strong password that is different to the password you use for other accounts.
  • The cameras were using a default password.
    Tip: Whenever you buy a smart device, ensure that you change the password straight away.


Why, when and how often should you penetration test? 

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