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What is f:CEL?

Wouldn’t you like to know how cybercriminals see your organisation?

f:CEL assesses your overall risk of being attacked or breached based on how attractive you look to a criminal using reconnaissance techniques used by real cybercriminal groups when they are choosing a target to attack.

The findings are displayed to you as a Falanx Cyber Exposure Level score. The f:CEL score comprises three elements:

Digital Risk

How secure is your website, and is there information on the Dark Web that could be used to target you?

External IP Risk

How secure are your public-facing servers?

Organisational Risk

How much do you do operationally to minimise your risk of attack?

You will receive a report with your overall score, the vulnerabilities that were discovered, and our recommendations for how to fix them and improve your score. Following the initial sign-up report, f:CEL is then performed regularly so that a business can keep track of its security posture.

f:CEL can also be used to assess your key suppliers to ensure that they are not introducing an unacceptable level of cyber risk to your business.

How it works…

Step 1 – Answer questionnaire
Spend 5 minutes completing an online questionnaire (multiple choice) for a full f:CEL score.

Step 2 – Notification of report
Email notification within 24 hours.

Step 3 – Download report
Download your f:CEL report via a secure portal.

Who should use f:CEL?

Board of Directors

f:CEL run quarterly, provides Board-level Cyber Exposure Level scores with recommendations to further improve your security posture.

Investors/PE Houses

Enables Private Equity houses and investors to fully understand the cyber risk within their portfolios and take appropriate action to protect valuable assets.

Supply chain specialists

Evaluate your supply chain to understand your supply chains’ cyber exposure levels.


Understand the risk profile of each organisation for whom you have written a cyber security policy and grade them according to risk exposure level.


Check your own surface and extended surface across your entire customer and supplier network for cyber exposure and prioritise those organisations you need to de-risk.

How much does it cost?

To ensure f:CEL is accessible to all we have created two different pricing options:

  1. A one-off report to see how you look is available for a one-time fee of £199.00
  2. Want to see that initial report, take action, and see how your score improves as a result? Up to 4 reports in a 12 month period for £499.00

Do you know your cyber exposure level score? Find out with f:CEL