Falanx Cyber rates the online security of 12 of the biggest UK banks as part of WHICH? Report

WHICH? have revealed the best and worst banks for online security of 12 of the largest UK banks. Falanx Cyber, as independent experts in penetration testing, were asked to rate the security systems of the largest current account providers.

The report from WHICH? looks at areas of improvement to keep consumers safe and has already made a significant impact, Barclays have informed WHICH? it will stop including links and phone numbers in customer alerts to better protect them against scam attempts. And Starling has developed a weak password blacklist after we found that we could choose ‘password1’.

To see the ratings of the 12 banks and building societies and who was top and bottom of the list you can read the full report here. www.which.co.uk/news/2019/11/revealed-the-best-and-worst-banks-for-online-security/


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