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Falanx Cyber Penetration Testing Keeps Censornet Ahead of the Cybercriminals


Censornet is a British security vendor that has developed an autonomous cloud security platform that integrates email and web security, CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and adaptive MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). Falanx Cyber provided vital penetration testing to ensure Censornet’s platform remains secure from cyber-attacks.


COMPANY: Censornet
INDUSTRY: Technology
LOCATION: Basingstoke
COMPANY SIZE: 80+ employees
SERVICES PROVIDED: Penetration testing

The Challenge – No Room for Failure

For Censornet, there is no room for failure. Their business relies on the reputation and success of its platform in protecting customers from malicious cyberattacks. Finding out where their platform has the potential to be breached is therefore vital.

Richard Walters, CTO, Censornet says, “As CTO, I am the person that is ultimately responsible should we suffer some sort of breach or outage, so I am highly motivated to make sure our penetration testing is of the greatest depth and quality. There is no margin for error when it comes to securing our customers. Protecting their users – and data – is what our business is all about, so we simply cannot afford to fail them.”

Richard Walters, CTO Censornet

Testing to the Limits

Censornet’s secure cloud platform integrates email and web security, CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and adaptive MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). The platform delivers an autonomous capability where each individual service can react immediately to tackle and prevent attacks effectively and in real time. “Cross-service integration is our most important and powerful USP,” says Walters, adding, “But that also means an additional level of complexity when it comes to end-to-end security. We have to be 100% certain that our penetration testing team really does push at every potential weakness.”

Falanx Cyber’s penetration testing accurately simulates cyberattacks by employing the same techniques that attackers use themselves. This is the most powerful way of revealing if systems or applications can withstand hostile attacks and whether discovered vulnerabilities can lead to further intrusion and exploitation.

“We chose Falanx Cyber to be our testing partner as they were the only company that showed us unequivocally that they were up to the task.”

What makes Falanx Cyber the best tester?

Walters carried out an extensive review of potential testing partners before selecting Falanx Cyber. “Any testing partner we worked with had to carry all the appropriate accreditations and quality certifications before we would even consider them. As well as having all of these, what we really liked about Falanx Cyber was how easy it was to engage with them. They were very open and available in our discussions and had a professionalism that was very hard to beat. From the initial inquiry, through to scoping out the project, developing the proposal and scheduling the testing, Falanx kept us informed throughout.”

Working with Falanx Cyber has been an absolute pleasure. Not only was the testing extremely thorough, the report they delivered was very easy to action. It was a simple and clear task list that we needed to work through to remediate the issues identified. They even did a free re-test 30 days later to make sure everything had been corrected. It was all absolutely first class!

– Richard Walters, CTO, Censornet.

Driving the Business Forward

With Falanx Cyber ensuring the Censornet platform is secure and protected from the worst of the cybercriminals, the company has seen excellent growth, in both the private and public sectors. “We are frequently asked for security, risk and compliance audits before potential customers will invest in our security platform – as well as annual updates and reviews. It is critical for us to show what our penetration testing regime is, and how we approach it. By working with Falanx we can provide an independent, accredited and certified third-party report that provides very high levels of assurance. This has proven critical to the success of our business as well as the impenetrability of our security platform.”

In conclusion, Walters says, “For anything to do with cybersecurity, continuous testing is critical. Thousands of new vulnerabilities and new threats are uncovered every week and there is no indication of that slowing down. Running vulnerability assessments continuously, and penetration tests as often as you can, will help protect systems and services. Working with Falanx Cyber has kept us ahead of the cyberthreat and we have total confidence in their ongoing commitment to keeping it that way.”


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