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Falanx Cyber is attending Securing the Law Firm 2020

Falanx Cyber is excited to announce that we will be attending AKJ Associates Securing the Law Firm in January 2020. The event is themed around cyber security policies for cost-conscious CISOs and will aim to help delegates answer questions such as:

  • Given the rising price of effective cybersecurity, where should law firms focus their spend?
  • With most law firms now committed to implementing effective cybersecurity, how can CISOs decide what structures and solutions are the best match for their particular organisation?
  • Given the complexity of international legal practices, do the normal rules of cybersecurity apply to these unusual firms?
  • And what lessons can legal CISOs learn from their colleagues in industries beyond the legal sector?

Falanx Cyber’s Head of Cyber Awareness Rob Shapland (@rdshapland) will be presenting live on the day at 12.40pm:

How to break into any legal practice: tales from a professional hacker

  • Find out how criminals use social media to plan attacks
  • How the speaker uses disguises and social engineering to gain physical access
  • How as an ethical hacker he executes full-scale criminal attack simulation
  • Find out how to help protect your firm from a data breach

Venue: Park Plaza Victoria. 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, UK, SW1V 1EQ
Date: 23rd January 2020

For more information on this event and how to attend please visit