Phishing. It’s more prevalent than ever and becoming increasingly more sophisticated.

Minimise cyber-attacks and identify cyber weaknesses in your organisation through the education and safe testing of your employees.

Our Ethical Phishing services:

  • Credential Harvesting and Pharming – We will coax your organisation’s employees into disclosing their credentials. This service is ideal for assessing your employee’s awareness of phishing email attacks. Furthermore, all credentials obtained can then be reviewed to ensure they adhere to an adequate password policy
  • Spear Phishing – This uses phishing scenarios previously mentioned but the attack is directed at a specific target group of individuals (e.g. your Finance department) using information specific to the target(s). This test allows you to gauge the likelihood of the targets revealing confidential information.
  • Whaling – Akin to Spear Phishing but the target(s) will be at senior executive level within your organisation. Again, the aim of this test is to gauge the target(s) susceptibility to revealing confidential information.

Whichever phishing services you choose, every phishing campaign that we conduct for you concludes with a detailed report of your employee’s susceptibility to certain attacks, complete with actionable recommendations to further improve their abilities and knowledge.