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What does our awareness training for employees offer?

Follow up training and testing through a cloud eLearning platform.

Comprehensive training with real-world examples that reduce likelihood of cyber attacks succeeding.

Bring the training to life using real-world stories from our trainers’ own experiences as ethical hackers

Empowering your staff with cybersecurity knowledge

Cybersecurity is not just the job of the IT department. It is something that involves everyone in the organisation. Empowered with the right cybersecurity awareness knowledge, your staff can be your greatest asset, alerting you to threats in real-time as they happen and providing valuable feedback on whether your online security processes and procedures are effective and workable alongside the needs of their job.

With the introduction of GDPR, it’s now necessary to educate your staff on the concepts of cybersecurity across a range of potential attacks and how to correctly handle third parties’ sensitive information.

Unlike most training packages, we use our experience from being ethical hackers to bring the training to life. Using real-world stories from our trainers’ own experiences, we hugely increase staff engagement and promote cultural change within the business.

Did you know our ethical phishing package could help us assess the cybersecurity awareness of your staff and make the training more comprehensive?

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Regulatory compliance

A further reason to introduce security awareness training for employees at your organisation is that you may not be compliant with regulations and the law if you don’t. Certain types of organisations such as financial or government institutions and healthcare organisations are required by law to ensure their workforce has received cybersecurity training.

Make sure your organisation is compliant with regulations?

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What our cybersecurity awareness training provides

Our live cybersecurity training sessions can be recorded or provided as a webcast to deliver to offices where face-to-face training is not possible. Our awareness training can cover many different topics, delivered through modules no shorter than one hour.

Email phishing and

Who may hack
you and why

Social media

Social engineering