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Staying Safe Against Real-Time Cyber Threats

Cyber Threat Intelligence refers to past, present, or impending dangers. These dangers may be to personal or corporate assets, information, identities and resources and can have a huge impact on all aspects of your organisation should it go undetected.

This information is valuable and will need to be capable of being translated into a positive action for any organisation. This is in order to minimise risk, prevent the occurrence of a threat and overturn the effects of an existing one.

It’s important therefore, to understand the risk cyber threats could pose to your organisation, be able to interpret what this information means and how best it can be used to strengthen your defences.

Enabling threats

A comprehensive and up-to-the-minute cyber threat intelligence database enables organisations to determine which threats have the greatest priority for them, and which risk factors are most likely to affect their specific industry, network or working practices. From this understanding, organisations are in a better position to allocate the required resources to mitigate or combat these risks.

A powerful threat intelligence capability should be the focal point of your security operations. Having the relevant information at your fingertips enables security managers and incident response teams to determine which alerts or identified incidents are active threats, which qualify for further investigation or specific alerts that can be sensibly ignored.

Live feeds and alerts which present a clear and comprehensive picture of active threats, ongoing security incidents and new technologies are principal and primary benefits of real cyber intelligence. Straight away, organisations can have immediate insight into threats they could potentially be facing, and able to make decisions to which vulnerabilities should be addressed first.

Tracking specific industry threats

With real-time cyber threat intelligence, your organisation is able to access information on new and emerging threats and threat actors, with the ability to track the ongoing activities of cyber-criminals and hacktivists specific to your industry. This will allow you to make informed decisions on the preventative and necessary action to take, both now and for the future.

It’s therefore crucial to get your framework in order: knowing who to contact, what processes and techniques to employ and who’s responsible for which specific action is key to staying ahead of cyber infiltrated attacks. Modern threat intelligence platforms are capable of pulling in data from a large number of sources, with high-end platforms capable of scrutinising data relevant to your organisation and report back on its findings.


As a fully-managed cyber threat detection platform, Falanx MidGARD proactively identifies, alerts and provides analysts with the ability to investigate and intervene in cyber security threats as they occur on your organisation’s networks and systems, 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can focus on core business activity.

Find out more about MidGARD and how it can benefit you and our organisation. Download your free MidGARD service guide here.

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