Helping you and your customers stay safe when processing card payments

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a set of controls that ensure the safe handling of sensitive information to protect against fraud and data theft. It’s imperative to have a PCI-DSS compliance certificate if your business accepts card payments that are online, over the phone, using a card machine or even via mail.

Offering two options to help businesses stay sustainable and achieve PCI-DSS compliance

PCI-DSS Gap Analysis and PCI-DSS Audit are the two Falanx service options available to organisations to help them stay secure, give peace of mind to you and your customers that everything has been done to protect cardholder data.

Avoid breaches and identify areas requiring immediate attention

PCI-DSS Gap Analysis allows your organisation to understand what controls are applicable and what your current compliance status is. Adopting this approach will see your organisation improve cost forecasting and budget justification for a PCI compliance programme, avoid data breaches identify areas requiring immediate attention.

Find out how you can protect your payment processes with PCI-DSS

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