If you are an organisation preparing for, undergoing or maintaining the GDPR & UK Data Protection 2018 compliance, then you need to be aware of mandatory obligations, many of which will take time to prepare for and will have a significant impact internally and externally. With expanded territorial reach and rules around data consent, many organisations will have to re-examine their policies and procedures to stay compliant.

Tailored services to ensure your organisation’s compliance obligations

With seasoned Data Protection specialists deriving experience from working across multiple sectors, you will have peace of mind with tailored GDPR and Data Protection services to ensure your organisation’s compliance obligations.

Helping your organisation meet the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act 2018

Falanx Cyber offer a range of advisory and consultancy services to help your organisation stay GDPR compliant, including:

  • Data Protection Officers as a Service (DPOaaS):
  • GDPR Assessments
  • GDPR Planning & Implementation
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

Achieve and maintain GDPR compliance with Falanx Cyber’s GDPR services