What is Red Teaming?

Falanx Cyber’s Red Teaming Services

Prepare your defences for a real-world attack

Falanx Cyber’s Red Teaming service takes a no-holds barred approach to testing, designed to identify and exploit holes in your defences using the same techniques used by real criminals. The whole exercise is entirely customised to your organisation, with scenarios based on the most likely threats you will face. Both technical attacks and social engineering are used together in a powerful combination, allowing you to see if the defences you’ve implemented are effective in a real-world attack scenario.

Identify weaknesses in your technical and physical processes

The purpose of Red Teaming is to test the resilience of your organisation to the most likely attacks you will face. It assesses not only your ability to prevent a hack, both through cyber and physical means, but also whether you have the ability to detect the hack and respond appropriately.

Make improved decisions with more effective outcomes

Falanx Cyber’s Red Teaming service allows your organisation to be prepared for the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by real-world cyber attackers. This enables your team to make improved decisions with regards to your security, and ensure that your security budget is spent in the most effective manner.