Identify the information your organisation and employees are leaking to cyber criminals

The first stage of any targeted cyber or physical attack is research and planning. Open-source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) is the collation of information from a variety of sources that would be useful to an attacker in planning an attack against your organisation. This information comes from a variety of sources, including the social media pages of your company and staff. These can be a goldmine of information, revealing information such as the design of ID badges, layout of the buildings and software used on internal systems.

Highlight your organisation’s vulnerabilities and defend against cyber criminals

Falanx Cyber will collate information from a variety of different sources. The Falanx Cyber team will use their extensive experience in planning and executing red team attacks to prioritise the information that would be most useful to a real-world attacker. This information would allow the attacker to carefully target specific individuals who may be susceptible to email spear phishing attacks, and we will highlight those individuals that are particularly vulnerable due to the information available online.

Find out how Falanx Cyber’s OSINT services can help protect your organisation