Assessing your organisation’s resilience to email phishing attacks

Email phishing attacks are the most common tactic used by hackers to breach your defences and gain access to your network. The email will include a link or attachment which, once opened, allows the hacker to control your computer and others on the network. This leaves you vulnerable to the stealing of sensitive information, or encrypting the data and demanding a ransom payment to release it.

Making your staff the most important line of defence

Falanx Cyber’s email phishing attack test assesses the awareness of your staff to common phishing techniques used by hackers. Your custom-built test will educate your staff on the common techniques that hackers use, teaching them the tell-tale signs that may indicate an email is not genuine. By regularly training staff to recognise the techniques hackers are using at that moment you can make them your most important line of defence.

Regular or one-off resilience testing

Falanx offer two types of email phishing tests to assess your organisation’s resilience to this type of attack: our managed phishing service for regular testing, ‘PhishEd’, or one-off assessments used to gauge your awareness at a single point in time.

Assess your resilience with Falanx Cyber’s Email Phishing services

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