Highlighting vulnerabilities to mitigate cyber security risk

Your website is a key component of your business and it would be highly detrimental to your brand and reputation were it to be targeted by a successful cyber attack. Falanx Cyber’s web app testing service will attempt to defeat the security of any applications you use, showing you how the vulnerabilities were exploited and what you can do to mitigate the risk.

Simulating attacks to demonstrate real-world risk to your organisation

Falanx Cyber’s web app testing will simulate how criminal hackers target your websites, demonstrating how weaknesses in security can lead to attacks on your organisation and your customers. The test covers all areas of web app security based on industry-standard methodologies and our own experience. The website will be tested from the perspective of a hacker attacking the website without legitimate access, and also with a valid account to simulate an inside attacker.

Ensure the security of your web applications with Falanx Cyber