Protecting your internal infrastructure to mitigate common hacking techniques

Internal infrastructure security testing of your organisation is crucial to discover whether your organisation is an easy target for hackers once the outer defences have been breached. By securing the network, it makes it much more difficult for an attacker to gain access to your data while remaining undetected. It is imperative to ensure that your internal infrastructure is as secure as your external infrastructure to protect against common hacking techniques that can compromise your sensitive data.

Identifying vulnerabilities on your internal network

Falanx Cyber will carry out internal infrastructure security testing on your network to determine how secure your organisation is from the perspective of a hacker that has managed to gain access to the internal network. This could be either through physical intrusion of one of your offices, or by compromising the network perimeter through your infrastructure, applications or a phishing attack. Our own methodology, based on industry best practice, will then be executed in an attempt to determine vulnerabilities on the network, obtain access to devices, and compromise sensitive information in a controlled manner.

Protect your internal network from cyber attacks with Falanx Cyber