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Charities Cyber Essentials Fortnight 7-18th November

Discounted Cyber Essentials for registered charities

Cyber criminals are attracted to money. And that makes charities – and the information they hold – a target. Data on beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers as well as information on invoice and payment details can be sold by hackers and used to identify other targets.

Having a Cyber Essentials certification shows commitment to cyber security and the protection of data.

Falanx Cyber are a participating certification body, partnering with IASME Consortium offering a discounted rate for Cyber Essentials certification during 7-18th November.

Savings available during Cyber Essentials Charity Fortnight

Charities Cyber Essentials

To take advantage of this promotion, applicant charities will be required to:

  • Demonstrate your registered charity status through submission of your charity name and registered charity number.
  • You must apply for your Cyber Essentials certification during our Cyber Essentials for Charities week, which starts on the 7th November. Cut off will be 5pm on 18th November.
  • You must start the process within one month of application and must have completed and submitted the assessment by 18th May 2023.
  • If these conditions are not met, IASME and/ or participating Certification Bodies reserve the right to invoice the previous discount or require the charity to re-apply at full cost.

Why choose us for Cyber Essentials?

We have over 30 years' of experience in cyber security.

Our assessors are senior penetration testers and industry experts.

We help you build a strong foundation for your company’s cybersecurity.

Build your own Cyber Essentials package with Falanx Cyber

Falanx Cyber offer additional services to help charities certify for Cyber Essentials. These include:

  • Portal Video Guide – Our video will explain each question within the assessment and guide you through the answers expected for each section.
  • Half day consultation – Book a half-day consultation that can be taken all in one go or over the period of the certification (remote or onsite).
  • Cyber Essentials Plus pre-assessment – providing you results ahead of  the test, increasing your chances of passing first time.
Fill in the form below to add any of these services to your discounted Cyber Essentials package.
  • Cyber Essentials certification includes defining the scope, completing the questionnaire, and an external verification from the accrediting body. To help you, we provide certain services. You can choose which ones you want to build your own bespoke package.

    What you get

    • Access to an intelligent online portal that provides guidance at all stages, as well as identifying any potential snag points prior to submission of your final questionnaire.

    • Certification by an accredited assessor with detailed feedback on responses

    • Comprehensive assessment report

    • Free Cyber Insurance up to £25,000 *

    • *Company needs to have turnover of less than £20 Million, HQ domiciled in UK and have whole company in scope of certification.