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We help Celaton by providing the following services:

Penetration Testing

Celaton was founded in 2004 with the sole purpose of helping companies achieve efficiencies in processing inbound documents received from both customers and suppliers. Celaton’s Intelligent Document Processing platform, inSTREAM™, delivers a smart, efficient end-to-end business process, reducing manual effort, time and cost. inSTREAM™ is a hosted platform which is used globally; delivering efficiencies, reducing Average Handling Times (AHT), removing errors, ensuring SLA’s are met, and providing compliance within key business processes such as Accounts Payable, Sales Order Processing and Claims.

How we helped

inSTREAM™ processes large volumes of sensitive and confidential data, so with the increasing threat from cyber-attacks, the importance of ensuring customer data security is paramount. Celaton wanted to provide their customers with confidence in their technology, compliance and IT security so reached out to a number of CREST approved vendors who offer Penetration Testing. Falanx Cyber was selected due to our customer service, competence and cost.

inSTREAM™ selected Falanx Cyber’s Penetration Testing services to reveal how vulnerable inSTREAM™ web application, thick client and public facing areas of the platform would be to potential cyber attacks and to provide recommendations on how to strengthen the cybersecurity posture.

“We didn’t want to just Pen test inSTREAM, we wanted to find a company who would get to know us, our platform, and understand what we do in order to fully test the security of it. Falanx have done this and we will continue to use them for future testing.” Richard Hill, CTO

Partnering with Falanx Cyber has provided Celaton with the confidence that inSTREAM is a fully secure environment for their customers’ data.

“Falanx have been fantastic to work with, from initial discussions of our requirements to testing our platform and final report. The competence shown by their staff far exceeded our expectations and has given us great feedback and assurance on the security of our platform.”

Charlie Bell, Security & Compliance Manager and DPO

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