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Are you a Solarwinds MSP partner?

If you are, you probably know that Falanx Cyber and Solarwinds have been partnered for more than 2 years now. We have been supporting them in their TMSP™ Program as the UK-based SOC supporting their Threat Monitor™ platform.

In addition, we have always offered our Security Operations Centre (SOC) services based upon our own technology platform. This technology stack continues to evolve and embrace current market offerings under the service brand of Triarii.

We are pleased to say that Solarwinds have accepted Falanx Cyber into their Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program – wherein they recommend key strategic partners to their community of MSP Partners. The TAP Program membership includes our Triarii platform as well as all of our professional services such as Penetration Testing.

Would you like to find out more about how we work with our partners and what benefits you get with us?

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Key benefits to our partners

Enhance your service offerings to your customers and further strengthen your trusted relationships by leveraging Falanx Cyber’s specialist cybersecurity offerings.

Our mantra is to provide enterprise-class cyber solutions to all, big and small. As such, we offer a range of services on a variety of platforms to suit all organisations and budgets.

Falanx Cyber’s Triarii service presents Partners with the opportunity to offer existing and new clients with levels of cybersecurity assurance that weren’t previously available, at an affordable price.

Partner with us to…

Broaden your range of offerings with security assessment solutions, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and ethical phishing.

Avoid having to pay handsomely for dedicated staff to man a dedicated facility (and the cost of keeping SOC analysts continuously trained and up-to-date) through the use of Falanx Cyber’s own, expert, cybersecurity analysts.

Mitigate the short-term impact of downtime, lost data, fines, interrupted sales and the long-term impact of damaged reputation and lost revenue by defending customers against cyber-attack by using Falanx Cyber’s protective monitoring service.

Circumvent the costly and time-consuming effort needed for a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to be effective by utilising Falanx’s ISO-certified, UK-based SOC.

Benefit from a managed SOC service that views the activity in your environment and that of other Falanx-monitored environments. When a threat is discovered on one system, this intelligence is leveraged to proactively address issues on your customers’ systems.

Enjoy seamless service integration and delivery thanks to Falanx Cyber’s proven track record of delivering managed cybersecurity services against clearly defined service deliverables and associated SLAs to a Partner’s customers.

With a SOC service that looks at all suspicious activity, 24x7x365, you can relax away from work in the knowledge that if something critical is happening you will know instantly. Better still, depending on the services you take, we can isolate the problematic device while you deal with your working day (depending on your own SLAs, of course!)