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5 things your business should be looking for in a Cyber Security partner

By now, you probably know Cyber Security is important for your business. What you may still be struggling with, however, is how to implement Cyber Security in your business. It’s not your expertise, and you don’t know where to start. So why not team up with someone who does?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your Cyber Security, what should you be looking for in a partner? Here are our 5 essentials.

The right fit for your business

The first step in identifying the best Cyber Security partner is understanding your business’s Cyber Security needs. What assets do you have that need protecting? What level of protection do your assets need? Any good Cyber Security provider will help you identify your business’s needs before entering into a longer term contract with you. It provides the opportunity for both your business and your potential Cyber Security partner to decide if working together would be viable and beneficial to both parties.

The best facilities

A good Cyber Security partner should have top-notch facilities. Their Security Operations Centre should have the latest tools and tech to help monitor, prevent, and combat any cyber attacks. Ask to be shown round or at least request a list of the tech your potential partner uses, so you can be confident your business is being protected by the best.

Brilliant communication

A Cyber Security partner should feel like an extension of your business. That means regular communication like you would expect with any other division of the business. Choose a Cyber Security partner that reports to you on a regular basis, providing you with status updates and bug reports.

Continuous protection

You don’t want a 9-5 Cyber Security partner. If your business suffers a significant breach at 4am, they won’t be of much use. Choose a partner that offers 24/7 monitoring. No, this doesn’t mean someone will be constantly sat in front of a screen keeping an eye on your IT systems, but it does mean someone will always be on call and alerted if a significant breach takes place so it can be dealt with instantly.

Understanding and expertise

As above, you want a Cyber Security partner that is the right fit for your business. This means partnering with someone that understands your sector. For example, if you’re a SME, your main concern may be protecting customer data, so you’d want to work with a Cyber Security provider that knows data protection laws inside out and has experts in that field.

At Falanx, we partner closely with our clients, using our intelligence, vigilance, tools and technology to provide targeted threat prevention to SMES. Our experienced staff have a deep understanding of industry requirements and the far reaching implications of cyber breaches. Talk to us about your Cyber Security needs and protect your business today.