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44CON – We emerge from the shadows

44CON – ILEC Conference Centre, London is taking place 13th-15th September 2017 and Falanx are proudly supporting and sponsoring the event as Platinum sponsor.

It seems now an annual event that stands out on the security calendar of the great and the good. 44CON is the place to meet, hear and experience some of the most standout contributors and technologies that have earnt their place in the security echelon.

Recognised as the security conference that the security cognoscenti attend to meet kindred spirits, a more grown up BlackHat if you will pardon the analogy, where year on year exploits and vulnerability releases are matched by some of the most inspirational speakers and technologies.

It therefore seems apt that we should have our coming out party there.

Next week we launch not just our MidGARD platform but also hope to introduce some of our key staffers and explain why it is that Falanx are disrupting and reinventing a security model that asks to be taken seriously whilst at the same time employing some of the most capable folk in the security industry as we continue to grow.

Come and see why MidGARD is making analysts and journalists sit up, come and listen to why we are taking such an innovative stance in a crowded market by carving an entirely different path to the established vendors in a busy marketplace, a marketplace fit for disruption and where we intend to upset the apple cart.