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In conversation with Direct Line for Business – Cyber tips for SMEs from an ethical hacker

Our head of cyber awareness and ethical hacker, Rob Shapland, spoke to Direct Line for Business and shared 11 top cyber security tips for SMEs from the perspective of an ethical hacker.

Here’s a snippet:

“From ecommerce to remote working, more and more SMEs are running their businesses online. But has this left them vulnerable to cyberattack? Rob Shapland, an ethical hacker at Falanx Cyber, reveals how to improve SME cyber security.

Rob gets paid to hack into businesses. Both online and, in some cases, in person. “I dress up in different outfits,” says Rob, “I go and hide in a meeting room and hack them from the inside.” It might sound extreme but almost half of businesses have experienced cybercrime in 2020, and more sophisticated methods are appearing every day. Ethical hackers like Rob are having to find inventive ways to expose the risk to businesses big and small, so they can learn to better protect themselves.

Rather than send Rob undercover, we’ve asked him to share his top SME cyber security tips that will help keep your business safe.”

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