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What we do

Penetration Testing

Test the security of your environment and network

Ethical Phishing

Identify the cybersecurity weaknesses in your organisation

Red Teaming

Find out how well your organisation will hold up against a real-world attack

Managed Detection & Response

On-going analysis of the cybersecurity of your entire environment

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Protect your endpoints (devices) against all types of cyber-attacks

Incident Response

Damage control in case your organisation does suffer a security breach

Awareness Training

Reduce the likelihood of data breaches by training your staff to recognise attacks

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essential [Plus]

Audit your internal IT security so you can start with a strong cybersecurity foundation

Threat & Risk Assessment

Refine your cybersecurity strategy by identifying key assets and the threats they face

Cyber Advice and Guidance

Get expert advice on how to best fill the gaps in your organisation’s cyber-defence

Who we are

We are cybersecurity experts who can help you identify areas of cyber-risk and help you manage them.

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